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21 Times Golden Retrievers Failed So Hard But Were So Cute It Didn't Matter

They're just nomming their way through the world.

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1. When their ridiculous smiles take over their entire face:

2. They can sleep anywhere:

3. They have no concept of modesty:

4. They're always pulling practical jokes:

5. But are constantly challenging assumptions about retrievers (like that they retrieve):

6. They can chow down like nobody's business:

7. NOTHING comes between them and food:

(Obstacle course fail.)

8. Seriously, there's nothing they won't eat:

9. And no object that isn't a toy:

10. Nothing gets in the way of their good time:

11. Well, except nap time:

12. Their cute lil' puppy butts are often riding the struggle bus:

13. They derp harder than any other dog:

14. Because they're basically fluffy land-seals:

15. Just nomming their way through life:

16. Or, you know, trying:

17. But sometimes it can be hard:

18. Because having the most fun all the time isn't easy:

19. Though they'll never object to being the life of the party:

20. Sometimes they might think they're their own best friend:

21. Besides us, of course:


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