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21 Times Golden Retrievers Failed So Hard But Were So Cute It Didn't Matter

They're just nomming their way through the world.

1. When their ridiculous smiles take over their entire face:

2. They can sleep anywhere:

3. They have no concept of modesty:

4. They're always pulling practical jokes:

5. But are constantly challenging assumptions about retrievers (like that they retrieve):

6. They can chow down like nobody's business:

7. NOTHING comes between them and food:

(Obstacle course fail.)

8. Seriously, there's nothing they won't eat:

9. And no object that isn't a toy:

10. Nothing gets in the way of their good time:

11. Well, except nap time:

12. Their cute lil' puppy butts are often riding the struggle bus:

13. They derp harder than any other dog:

14. Because they're basically fluffy land-seals:

15. Just nomming their way through life:

16. Or, you know, trying:

17. But sometimes it can be hard:

18. Because having the most fun all the time isn't easy:

19. Though they'll never object to being the life of the party:

20. Sometimes they might think they're their own best friend:

21. Besides us, of course:


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