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Jan 12, 2015

The Baby And Puppy Who Napped Together Have An Adorable New Addition — A Baby Sister

It's the cutest.

Remember Theo and Beau, the cutest little napping duo in the world?

Instagram: @mommasgonecity / Via Jessica Shyba

Well, now they have a new nap time friend, Beau's baby sister Evangeline, or Evvie for short.

It's basically among the cutest things the world has ever seen.

Can't. Handle. It.

Mom Jessica Shyba told BuzzFeed that it took Evvie four months to find the rhythm that came so naturally to her big brother and pup.

"Theo and Beau started napping together the day after we brought Theo home from the Santa Cruz SPCA at 7 weeks old. Almost every day since, they have napped together. Evangeline only started joining in on the fun last week when she began to find a routine of her own," said Shyba, whose book with her original photos is due out Feb. 3.

As for Evvie's relationship with Theo the dog?

"Theo has been so doting upon Evvie ever since she came home from the hospital. He really seems to look after her. She's still unsure of him, but seems to really be interested in him. The coolest thing is watching Theo be so careful and sweet around her. He really does 'get it,'" Shyba told BuzzFeed.

Shyba recently wrote that she's in the room during the whole napping cuteness, and nudges Evvie in a little closer after she falls asleep "because honestly, they all sleep better when there’s another warm body and soft heartbeat right there next to them."

And the mom of four has a perfect way to describe it: a "magical nap time trifecta."

Welcome to the world, sleepy Evvie!

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