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Meet The Guy Who Turned A Blueberry Pancake Recipe Into A Meme

You've probably seen one of AJ Walkin's recipes somewhere on the internet.

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If you've ever looked at a BuzzFeed post on Facebook, chances are pretty good you've spotted one of AJ Walkin's super-popular comments. It's easy to tell; they all say exactly the same thing.

AJ Walkin

So who is the mysterious pancake afficianado? Walkin's a 19-year-old business student at Brooklyn College (probably minoring in Skillet Arts) whose goal is to brighten people's day.

"I feel like the comment section is a great way to interact with people and create a positive impact," he told BuzzFeed News.

Courtesy AJ Walken

Walkin estimates he's posted the blueberry recipe, which he said he came up with, over 150 times. The repetition has gotten him some enemies, but also loads of fans.

He said he's gotten "thousands" of Facebook requests.

"I have to constantly delete them because it reaches the friend request limit, and doesn't allow people to send requests anymore," he said.

Though he's commented repeatedly on BuzzFeed posts, he's brought his pancake recipe to stories all over the web.

So why THAT recipe?

"I feel like blueberry pancakes are the most popular pancakes and the best tasting," he explained, adding that once in a while he'll mix it up with a buttermilk recipe.

He's even inspired some imitators.

And memes!

Walkin said he's been surprised by the responses he's gotten and how he's become a bit of a commenter celebrity.

"Many people were replying to me how much it made their day, and how it made them laugh," he said.

So why does he keep doing it? As he told BuzzFeed News, "Many people still haven't seen it."

I mean, who doesn't need a good pancake recipe?

So who's hungry?

AJ's cooking.

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