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Meet The 16-Year-Old Whose Instagram Made Her Coachella-Famous

You've probably seen her and her best friend dancing their hearts out at the music festival somewhere on the internet.

This is Charlotte D'Alessio, a 16-year-old who lives in Los Angeles and goes to Beverly Hills High.

Naturally, D'Alessio and her best friend, 18-year-old model Josie Canseco, hit up the first weekend of Coachella and posted tons of hippie-chic snaps on Instagram.

If Canseco's name sounds familiar, it's because her dad is former MLB star Jose Canseco.

But the photogenic friends weren't expecting that their pictures would get them thousands of followers and be reposted by celebrities, photographers, and tons of Tumblr users.

The craziness began when popular photographer Bryant Enslava took a candid picture of the two rocking out that garnered tens of thousands of likes.

Then, after D'Alessio 'grammed from a pool party, the two were posted onto The Weeknd's main and personal Instagram accounts, reaching nearly 2 million people.

"After that we started to see [our photos] everywhere," D'Alessio told BuzzFeed News. "My pictures would come up on the [Instagram] popular page and Tumblr accounts. I would also receive comments on my photos saying 'I found them' or 'I found her.'"

They popped up on the main Coachella accounts...

Last Night’s Party is tonight’s party. @Bronques is taking over coachellasnaps for the night.

The Cobra Snake's Instagram...

And even got into a BuzzFeed post about ~teens~.

"I was honestly freaking out," D'Alessio said. "Josie is so used to this kind of thing, but I was dying."

Despite thousands of new followers and people all over the web trying to figure out who exactly the ubiquitous pals were, by Monday D'Alessio had to return to normal life — and high school.

It's a Coachella fairy tale. ✨