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Leaked Snapchat Allegedly Shows Malia Obama Playing Beer Pong On A College Visit

Officially the Cool Obama.

High school senior Malia Obama has been touring colleges lately and also, apparently, taking part in one of the most standard experiences of being a college kid: beer pong.

The elder daughter of the president was spotted by a handful of college kids partying at Brown while Secret Service reportedly waited outside.

Note: Tweets have had names covered upon request or when they became unavailable.

Basically, kids at Brown have no chill.

when ur at a party with malia fucking Obama

When you're at a party and secret services show up and everyone freaks out but it just ends up being Malia Obama

The Daily Caller also got their hands on a Snapchat allegedly taken of the teen probably owning it at the beer pong table.

BuzzFeed has been unable to verify this photo.

At least Malia is keeping it low-key.

BuzzFeed News has reached out to the White House for comment (and felt really bad about snitching).

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