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Kylie Jenner Had A Cleavage Contouring Fail On The Red Carpet


No one has inspired the contouring craze more than the Kardashian/Jenner clan, but youngest member Kylie Jenner just had an awkward makeup mishap from the technique on a London red carpet.

While promoting British skin care brand Nip+Fab in a sheer top on March 14, the 17-year-old seemed to have not quite blended the makeup meant to enhance her, um, assets.

According to Us Weekly, the reality star flubbed when she "used a dark bronzer along the top portion of her chest to make her cleavage appear more busty than usual. Unfortunately, by posing for different cameras at different angles on the red carpet, her beauty blunder became glaringly obvious, revealing streaking of brown makeup."

It's a Kontouring Krisis.

You'll kill it next time, Kylie.