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Facebook Has Removed Every Picture Of Dead Animals From The Page Of Texas Teen Kendall Jones

The social network said the photos violated their standards. WARNING: Images of dead animals.

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Kendall Jones, the teenage Texas cheerleader who gained national infamy when her Facebook pictures of hunting big game animals in Africa went viral, has had most of her photos removed by the social network.

Many pictures like the one below of the 19-year-old posing with big game animals she killed, including lions and elephants, have been taken down for violating Facebook's standards, they said.

A statement released by Facebook says they remove "reported content that promotes poaching of endangered species, the sale of animals for organized fight or content that includes extreme acts of animal abuse."

The student at Texas Tech still managed to share this Fox News composite on her page.

Jones has seemed unfazed by the uproar and staunchly defends her hobby, saying she is a conservationist and that funds from her legal, for-profit hunts help wildlife conservation efforts to stop poachers.

Facebook: kendalltakeswild

She also posted a quote from a 2013 issue of National Geographic, which says, "Without the natural resources provided by hunters to protect habitat and stop poachers, there would be no infrastructure for wildlife management."

An earlier version of this post said that the rhinoceros in the photo shown above was dead, when it is actually being treated by a vet.

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