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The Emo Feud Of The Century Between Taking Back Sunday And Brand New Is STILL Happening

"Jesse Lacey is just a dick," said Adam Lazzara, reigniting the century's greatest emo beef.

In the early 2000s, every emo kid was either Team Brand New or Team Taking Back Sunday.

The Long Island-based bands had been in a long-standing, well-publicized feud after the girlfriend of Brand New's lead singer Jesse Lacey reportedly cheated on him with TBS's John Nolan.

Though the singers had once been childhood friends, with Lacey even being an original member of TBS, the two began lobbing insults at each other the best way they knew how: through emo lyrics.

On Your Favorite Weapon's "Seventy Times 7," Lacey angrily sang: "I know I want to kill you like only a best friend could."

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In "There's No 'I' In Team," TBS's Adam Lazzara replied, "Everything I learned about breaking hearts, I learned from you, it's true," and ended the tune: "Best friends means I'll pull the trigger / Best friends means you'll get what you deserve."

Fighting words!

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Well, it turns out that the early aughts are alive and well, as evidenced by some scathing comments TBS's Lazzara just made to OC Weekly about Jesse Lacey.

When asked about playing a song like "There's No 'I' In Team," which directly references a longstanding feud with the band Brand New (specifically front man/former Taking Back Sunday bassist Jesse Lacey), Lazzara continues to add fuel to the old fire.

"I think Jesse Lacey is just a dick," he says. "He just sucks. He's not a good person."

Lazzarra [sic] goes on

"Who am I to say?", he says. "There's somebody out there that's gonna say I'm not a good person. I don't know."

And Brand New fans were not happy.

Just when the TBS & Brand New feud died, Adam Lazzara is a giant man child and brings it back from the dead

Adam Lazzara must be trolling with that Jesse Lacey comment. Why would a 33 year old bring up 13 year old beef?

Can Adam Lazzara try harder to reignite the feud with Brand New; we might finally get some fresh tunez from them lmao

I love taking back sunday don't get me wrong but I think adam lazzara is just a little bit mad that jesse lacey is better than him :/

I wonder if @AdamDamnLazzara realizes it is now the year 2015 and not 2002. Drink some more, douchewad.

The year is 2200 - Jesse Lacey and Adam Lazzara have been dead for many years but still insist on throwing dirt at each other below ground.

Guess they call it emo for a reason.