In Touch Weekly Photoshopped Bruce Jenner As A Woman On Their Cover

    The magazine appears to have superimposed a picture of Jenner over a picture of a British actress.

    On the cover of the latest issue of In Touch Weekly, Bruce Jenner is photoshopped with makeup and women's clothes with the headline "Bruce's Story: My Life As a Woman."

    Jenner has never commented publicly about the changes in his appearance, but that has not stopped the gossip press from insisting that Jenner is transgender and in the process of coming out as a trans woman.

    Though the In Touch story claims that the former Olympian will come out in a future issue of The Advocate, that publication issued a statement refuting that information.

    "They have no insider source with knowledge of The Advocate's planned coverage," Matthew Breen, editor-in-chief of The Advocate, said, adding that the photoshopped cover is "distressing."

    And the photoshop wasn't simply computer-generated: The photo they transposed for the cover appears to be British actress Stephanie Beacham.

    Many took to social media to attack the magazine's editorial decision, calling the decision transphobic and shameful.

    You guys should be ashamed of yourselves @intouchweekly. That was all parts disgusting reporting as it was offensive

    I don't care about Bruce Jenner, but what @intouchweekly did is just further proof of the de-evolution of our society. You're disgusting.

    Shame on @intouchweekly. Disgraceful, making a mockery of Bruce Jenner and to #trans people. #LGBT #intouchmagazine

    okay hi so can we, as a society, stop deciding other people's genders for them? LOOKIN AT YOU, @intouchweekly

    Dear @intouchweekly, There is an extremely high suicide rate of in the transgender community Mocking Bruce Jenner is wrong on so many levels

    BuzzFeed News has reached out to In Touch for comment.