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This Creature Is The Freakiest Thing You'll See All Day

*Lets out high-pitched scream*

Hey, your day is going OK so far. You know, for a Monday. Let's ruin that.

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So what the hell is this thing? Apparently it's a nemertea, or ribbon worm, which has more than 1,000 species, according to

Super sleuthers on Reddit's WTF thread believe it's from the gorgonorhynchus species.

And what's coming out of it? That's its proboscis, a hollow, muscular structure inside of the worms that they use to grasp onto their prey. In some worms, it's poisonous.

It's like a sticky hand!

"When attacking prey, they compress their bodies to push out the proboscis like the finger of a latex glove turned inside-out," the Smithsonian reported.


Ribbon worms are actually pretty badass. They swallow their prey whole, can regenerate, and become two separate worms if they're severed. They can create more than 200,000 worms from their six-inch body.

I mean, I'm a little jealous. That's like a worm army.

Skip to two minutes for the good stuff.

The more you know, good luck sleeping tonight, etc.