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    This Is What Happens When All Of The Creepiest Kids From Scary Movies Go To One Daycare

    "Samara, get out of the TV! TV time is over!"

    The brilliant folks at CollegeHumor came up with a place for those frightening children from horror movies to go when they're not terrorizing their parents' lives: Horror Movie Daycare.

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    The clip is a bit of a classic, but what better time to revisit it than Halloween?

    "We offer a safe environment for all children regardless of any personal or 'supernatural' issues they may have at home," says teacher Katherine Daisy.

    "We don't use words like slow, or possessed, or Antichrist."

    "I've always loved working with kids," she adds. "Before this I was a nurse in a youth mental hospital. After that burned down I was a governess in an old orphanage."

    That burned down too.

    Even though Daisy says the kids are "little angels," they can't quite help themselves from acting on their evil reflexes: "Samara, get out of the TV! TV time is over!"

    Kids get snack time, nap time, and time to be possessed and chant like the devil.

    "Some parents come to me at their wits' end and I completely understand," Daisy says. "There's nothing scarier than parenthood."