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    This Is What An X-Ray Of A Hamster Looks Like After They Fill Their Cheeks With Tons Of Food

    The fascinating new glimpse of the little animals was on the BBC's new show, Wild At Heart, which is narrated by David Tennant.

    Ever wonder how hamsters store so much food in their little mouths? In the first episode of the BBC's new show, Wild At Heart, narrator David Tennant takes a look at just that in a way never seen before.

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    The hamster acts as if it's his last meal, Tennant says, stuffing as much as possible in his cheeks.

    An X-ray shows what it looks like while he goes to town on the nuts. He basically doubles in size.

    He can store so much grub because of pouches that extend all the way to his hips. Who's jealous?

    To keep the food fresh and dry, the hamster doesn't secrete saliva.

    Then, when he's gotten his fill, the little guy carries the last tasty morsel with him.

    Buuuuut it's easier said than done.


    Who knew hamsters were so fascinating? Or enterprising when it comes to eating?

    Think I found my new spirit animal.