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Now You Can See How Awkward It Is To Film A Hollywood Sex Scene

But Brooklyn Decker and Patrick Wilson make it look pretty easy. A little NSFW.

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In a rare behind-the-scenes clip, Brooklyn Decker and Patrick Wilson prepare for a sex scene for their new movie Stretch, film it, and then get feedback from director Joe Carnahan.

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Beforehand, they try to make each other comfortable: "No, no, you're good," Decker tells Wilson.

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Then someone turns off the bumpin' on-set music (likely playing to detract from any awkwardness), and the two start getting (fake) busy.

"Nice! That was great! Do another one like that and we got it, I swear to god," the director says. "Great fucking!"

Then an assistant comes by to spray them with Evian in a can, aka movie sweat.

Not *quite* as sexy when you break the whole thing down. (But, OK, still pretty sexy.)

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