This Golden Retriever Is The Biggest, Fluffiest Baby In The World

What Bo-Sox the golden is lacking in self-confidence he makes up for in being super adorable.

1. Meet Bo-Sox, an adorable golden retriever who happens to be a huge chicken. HUGE.

3. Bo-Sox is deathly afraid to pass Chevy the cat on the stairs. Chevy’s just chillin’ like, “What do you want from me?”

5. After some effort, Bo decides to take the easy route: avoiding the problem altogether.

7. Thinking he’s smart, he sneaks back, then catches Chevy staring at him. Dammit.

9. Fenway, the German shepherd, tries to show off how easy it is. But Bo-Sox isn’t convinced.

11. Finally, after some serious effort (and tugging), Bo is coaxed down the steps. But only after the terrifying cat has run far, far away.

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