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    A Couple Announced Their Pregnancy With An Adorable "Fresh Prince" Rap

    “I woke up in the morning about 7 or 8 and thought to myself, Oh man, I’m late! Looked at the test stick, it was finally there. A little plus sign — we’re now three, not a pair.”

    An Oregon couple has gone viral for their so-bad-it's-good Fresh Prince rap announcing their pregnancy to their families.

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    Jesse Meek, 31, and his wife, Melissa, 28, posted the rap on April 5 to tell family and friends the news, and it went viral this week, getting watched over a million times.

    "We love to do that kind of stuff," Jesse Meek, a personal trainer and corrective exercise therapist, told OregonLive. "We consider ourselves goofy and fun."

    With Jesse's phone taped to the dashboard, the duo alternated reciting the cheesy lines to the tune of the Fresh Prince theme song.

    They were on their way to Melissa's parents' house for Easter and so didn't have much time to make it happen.

    "[The reaction] was completely unexpected. Like, that was the last thing we thought would happen, that it would blow up to what it had, or what it has," Melissa, a finance specialist, told the local NBC affiliate.

    This isn't even the Meeks' first announcement video; when Melissa wanted to tell her husband and their parents she was pregnant, she attached a note with the news to their boxer, Kadence, and filmed everyone's reaction.

    And no gesture is is too over-the-top: Jesse also proposed to his wife at a martial arts tournament in front of 2,500 people, OregonLive reported.

    "My wife is super creative," Meek said. "We both try to constantly top each other."

    This probably won't be the last we hear from the Meeks: The couple said when they find out the baby's gender next month, there might even be a sequel.

    Congrats, you two!