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This Instagram Devoted To Dad Attire Is Hilariously On Point

#CrocsOnFleek #DockersShorts #OutletShopping #WranglerJeans.

If you're sick of the hordes of fashionable Instagrammers spamming your feed, enter your favorite new account: Fashion Dads, which perfectly makes fun of the #fashion #lifestyle.

These fashionable dads are proud of their dad style, and the captions are hilariously reminiscent of those 'grammers who are guilty of posting an #outfitoftheday and #using #lots #of #hashtags.

"Wearing the same color and designer from head to toe makes a strong and powerful style statement," this one reads.

The posts also include a string of perfectly on-point hashtags, like: #CrocsOnFleek #CustomTieDye #DockersShorts #OutletShopping.

This glamorous dad's even mastered the candidly sultry look.

The account is curated by Travis May and Ashley Hesseltine, who together created Bros Being Basic.

Hesseltine also went viral after asking her guy friends to re-create girls' cliché Instagram pictures.

The two Atlanta residents were inspired over Christmas break while discussing the occasionally ridiculous way their dads dress.

"Not saying that they have terrible style, just some of the outfits they put together are hilarious," the two told BuzzFeed News in an email. "So we decided to post them and act like they were fashion bloggers we see everywhere."

Can you say "vintage"? Totally pinning these.

The Instagram's commentary is often subtly scathing: "Paring tropical print swim trunks with a classic large striped Polo you are ready for everything from a dip in the pool to a romantic dinner on the beach."

Fashion Dads live their best life, and make sure to #DanceLikeNoOneIsWatching.


These dads are #blessed to be so stylish.

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