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    This Guy Attempting To Sing After Eating One Of The World's Hottest Peppers Will Be Your New Hero

    Give him a hand. And some milk.

    Self-proclaimed chili pepper enthusiast Claus Pilgaard, a.k.a. Chili Klaus, and actor Michael Carøe were brave enough to chow down on ghost peppers and then attempt, pretty successfully, to sing and play Frank Sinatra's "My Way."

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    Carøe claims that he's never eaten the Holy Grail of hot peppers before, and the Dane downs a whole one before starting to sing.

    A few months ago, Chili Klaus also got 1,000 people together to eat them ago to promote his book.

    And he sounds pretty good!

    Even when he starts hiccuping and making pained cringey faces.

    Bravo. Now go drink some blue cheese.

    h/t reddit

    This post originally identified the singer as Chili Klaus, but Chili Klaus is playing the piano. Danish actor Michael Carøe is singing.

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