Heartwarming Prank Has Waitress Getting Insanely Awesome Tips

    I dare you not to tear up before it's over.

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    Waitress Chelsea Roff is the kind of person who always thinks of others before herself. So Break.com decided to "prank it forward" by giving her a shift she would never forget.

    The Venice, Calif., resident raised her sister from when she was just a child, overcame an eating disorder, and started her own non-profit, Eat Breathe Thrive, which helps people overcome their own eating disorders through yoga.

    Break bugged the restaurant, Spring St. Smoke House, with cameras, and filled it with undercover tippers.

    Chelsea's longtime friend Diana Roehl was in on the prank, helping behind the scenes.

    First, a man Chelsea serves leaves her $1,000 after his meal.

    She's clearly surprised and tries to share the money with her coworkers.

    "It's in her nature just to split it up with everyone," said Audra Walker, Chelsea's co-worker.

    Then, two people posing as travel agents give Chelsea two tickets to Hawaii, claiming they have no cash.

    "Believe me, Chelsea deserves a vacation," said the restaurant's owner, Chris Patterson.

    Without giving too much away, this is Chelsea's reaction by the time the fifth "tip" rolls around.

    You deserve it, Chelsea!

    A day I will never forget... Full story here: https://t.co/oeHxMDROA4