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We Can All Stop Making Ice Bucket Challenge Videos Because Chris Pratt's Is The Best

That's some impressive chugging.

UPDATED — Aug. 18, 9:18 a.m. ET:

Guardians of the Galaxy star and talented hair-braider Chris Pratt got around to jumping on the Ice Bucket Challenge bandwagon and filmed his own short clip.

Because he was nominated twice, Pratt decides to chug a little bottle of Blue Ice vodka, and even ices himself by downing a Smirnoff Ice (ick).

Then he gets gleefully doused by who appears to be his wife, actress Anna Faris, and a friend.

"That one went down my buttcrack!" he yells after the second bucketful.

Gloriously drenched, Pratt challenges co-stars Gregory Smith, Nick Offerman, and Dave Bautista, so the next few days could be pretty entertaining.

UPDATE: Nick Offerman accepted Chris Pratt's challenge.

.@prattprattpratt #ALSIceBucketChallenge I SUBMIT. Pls send rules. 1) May I substitute Scotch 4 Lady's beverage? 2) I will claim victory.

@Nick_Offerman Dump bucket of ice water on your head. Film & post it. Take 2 shots of alcohol. (If you want) Challenge three more people.

This post previously misidentified the vodka bottle as Blue Sky vodka. It is actually Blue Ice, which is much more appropriate.