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    These Adorable Girls Claim They Accept Bitcoins At Their Lemonade Stand

    Now that's keeping up with the times.

    Reddit user DorkusPrime posted a photo a few days ago of a couple of girls in San Francisco who claimed to accept Bitcoin for their Snickerdoodles.

    "These adorable little girls just sold me snickerdoodles for Bitcoin in San Francisco. I asked them to say cheese for the internet :)," the user wrote.

    In posh San Francisco neighborhood Noe Valley, the girls set up a corner stand called Mia and Taylor's Coffee Shoppe, which featured a printout with a large QR code that said they accept Bitcoin.

    An account said to be linked to the girls has accumulated .083 Bitcoins, or just over $70. Some of the donations have come from Redditors themselves, according to Motherboard, after a user identified the bank account through the photo's QR code.

    Way to go, girls!

    Correction: Commenters pointed out that the girls are unlikely to be Girl Scouts, despite Motherboard identifying them as such, since they seem like they are just selling individual cookies. Good catch!

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