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Budweiser's New Super Bowl Ad About A Lost Puppy Is Heartbreakingly Cute

This is the sweetest.

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Not failing to break their adorable Super Bowl ad tradition, Budweiser today released their new spot, about a puppy who gets lost and his journey to get back home.

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First we meet our star, Extremely Cute Puppy.


Note that he's not Extremely Smart Puppy, and gets driven away from his home after venturing onto this truck.

While he's wandering around the city, his owner, Hot Guy Farmer, goes looking for him.


Seriously dog, who would run away from this?

Not me.

Extremely Cute Puppy has some hard times while he's missing.


And Hot Guy Farmer turns to his horse to be consoled.


Things manage to get worse for Extremely Cute Puppy, who meets a wolf in the woods.


But the Clydesdales come to his rescue!

He happily runs home looking like a hot mess.


OK, now he's just showing off.



The ad interestingly comes right on the heels of a pulled commercial from GoDaddy mocking Budweiser's "lost dog" themes.

The spot was pulled after people complained it felt reminiscent of abusive "puppy mills."

It "missed the mark," the company's CEO wrote on Twitter.