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Thousands Of "Grey's Anatomy" Fans Are Petitioning To Save McDreamy

"Seriously? SERIOUSLY SHONDA?!" Warning: Major spoilers ahead.

So, unless you haven't been on the internet in a while, you probably heard that *SPOILER ALERT* Derek Shepherd, aka McDreamy, was killed off Grey's Anatomy.


And roughly half the women in the U.S. were like, "WHYYYYYYY."

Can I sue a fictional hospital for wrongful death? #GreysAnatomy


One fan named Courtney Williams has said "enough is enough" and started a petition against Shonda Rhimes, Patrick Dempsey, and ABC to bring back Dr. Shepherd.

"Why Shonda, why?" she wrote.

Williams, 27, told BuzzFeed News she was inspired to create the petition because of how much she loves the show.

"You never really know how deep you're emotionally invested into a television show until something this traumatic happens," the Atlanta resident said. "Grey's Anatomy is MORE than just a television show, when you're in year 11."

Rhimes is notorious for killing off her main characters, and the decade-long show has had a handful killed in dramatic ways over the years, of which Williams makes quite clear she's had enough.

You do not have someone survive a mass murderer, a plane crash, A FREAKING PLANE CRASH, AND A crushed hand, as a neurosurgeon...just to kill them off on a BEAUTIFUL DAY!! Seriously? SERIOUSLY SHONDA?! SERIOUSLY MS. RHIMES!?!?!?!?!

By Monday afternoon, the petition had already gotten over 26,000 signatures.

"Although I had hoped and wished this petition would reach a lot of people that might have felt how I did, NEVER had I thought nor expected I would have over 25,000 people sign it," Williams told BuzzFeed News.

And fans pretty much echoed Williams' aggravated sentiment.

In the petition, Williams writes that the hospital should be either shut down or that the whole thing should be a dream. "It's like you've killed the President of Grey's Anatomy," she wrote.

You do NOT get to toy with our lives and emotions like this Shonda, NO! That is NOT RIGHT! How do you sleep at night?!?!!

The recent college graduate told BuzzFeed News she's not sure if she can keep watching it after the neurosurgeon's death.

"I had to find a new show to watch last Friday because I literally felt like it was too soon. To know that he's permanently gone. It brings so much emotion," she said.

Your move, Shonda.

H/T USA Today