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Three Brothers Have Been Making Mind-Blowing Snow Sculptures In Their Yard Every Year

It takes the guys 11 front yards worth of snow and up to 300 hours.

For four years now, brothers Austin, Trevor, and Connor Bartz have made a giant snow sculpture in the front yard of their Minnesota home.

Here's this year's: a 12-foot-tall sea turtle.

The trio came up with the idea to make it a tradition after their first sculpture of a puffer fish, which was modeled after one they caught in Florida, they told BuzzFeed News.

Though the two older brothers are now in college, the guys get to work when they come home for break, spending up to 300 hours working on the snow art.

Facebook: BartzSnowSculptures

Last year's sculpture of a shark.

Their process is also fascinating: After collecting snow from 11 front yards and a nearby tennis court, they heat the huge amounts of snow up to 95 degrees in their garage (yep, not a typo) to make it "sticky and tacky," and easier to apply.

"This simulates the sticky snow that you would get on a warm winter day," they explained.

All of the sculptures have gone viral and brought a constant stream of people to their front yard, though last year's one of a shark "scared off some children," they told BuzzFeed News.

"The snow sea turtle is our favorite so far as it is the biggest as well as the most kid-friendly," they said in an email.

Facebook: BartzSnowSculptures

Their 2012 sculpture of a walrus

The brothers, ages 20, 19, and 16, will maintain the sculpture for another month, and said it'll finally melt around the end of April.

Watch how they made this year's sea turtle:

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