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An Owner Put A GoPro On His Dog And Saw The Heartbreaking Thing He Does All Day

Truly man's best friend. Obsessed best friend.

Curious YouTuber Mike the Intern strapped a GoPro on his goldendoodle to see what the animal would do while he was gone all day.

Warning: It's pretty depressing.

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After Mike leaves, the pup immediately gets antsy, frantically running between the door and the windows looking for his owner.

Until he finally collapses in a pile of Mike's clothes, occasionally howling forlornly at the ceiling.

Mike and his friends edited a full day's worth of footage into the short, heartbreaking video. He wrote on Reddit that he's "never leaving him again."

"I've had him for six years and today is the first day I have heard him howl," he added.

Mike said the camera died before he could film their reunion, but he responded to a commenter that when he and his pup watched the video they "held each other and cried."