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Posted on Oct 25, 2014

Kate Hudson Does A Better Matthew McConaughey Impression Than Anyone Ever

"Come onnn, Hudson. Let's go, baby."

You may have heard a good Matthew McConaughey impression or two during the past few years of the McConaissance. But nobody nails it quite like his repeat co-star Kate Hudson, as she proved at the American Cinematheque awards honoring him.

The actress reminisced about a time when the two were shooting Fool's Gold, and he cheered her up during a low moment.

"We're way out in the Great Barrier Reef and I had just found out that my divorce had been finalized. I was terrified of swimming with sharks and I was just… staring at the water, like, 'What's happened in my life?'" Hudson recalled. "Out of the water pops Matthew — no shirt, full gear, spits out the regulator…"

Then she begins her incredibly dead-on impression of the Oscar winner's Texas drawl.

Click the x in the bottom right for sound!

And he seemed pretty amused.

During the Oct. 21 ceremony, where other speakers included Reese Witherspoon, Anne Hathaway, and Jennifer Garner, Hudson also shared a pretty great memory of finding the Dallas Buyers Club star naked and howling on top of a rock.

Michael Loccisano / FilmMagic

Never change, MM.

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