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    Leaked Sony Emails Show Joel McHale Asked For A Discount On An $8,000 TV After "Community" Cancelation

    The funny exchange, which McHale today acknowledged on Twitter, was noticed in the leaked Sony emails by Business Insider.

    The leaked Sony emails have provided a glimpse of behind-the-scenes in Hollywood, including lots of smack-talk and examples of how messy it can be to make a film. And also, apparently, some odd favors that celebs ask for.

    A laughable email exchange published by Business Insider shows that after Community got canceled in May, star Joel McHale asked Sony Pictures Television president Steve Mosko's assistant to get him a discount on an $8,000 Sony TV.

    McHale wanted the 65-inch X950B 4K Ultra HD, which retails for $7,999.99.

    He wrote:

    Hello Fayanne,

    It's Joel McHale. You might remember me from such canceled Sony tv shows as—Community.


    Very sad.

    So when I was talking to Steve about the show ending last Friday, I asked about a discount on a Sony tv. He said of course. He's the greatest as you know. I didn't want to bother him with the specific details of the screen I want so I thought I would bother you. I hope that is it [sic] cool.

    It's below. You can check with Steve obviously if this all sounds strange.

    I'm not sure how this all works but I'm happy to send a credit card number wherever necessary.

    Thanks Fayanne. I'm very much going to miss working at Sony.



    And Mosko was actually like:

    And asked for the TV, which was on sale for $6,000, to be purchased, writing: "how much is it? just get it...put it against community deal w money later"

    The best part (besides Community getting another season airing on Yahoo Screen in June) is that McHale addressed the whole thing on Twitter today.

    U bet your sweet ass I want my employee discount! 4K's r outstanding RT @chilibeanie67: Sony Leak Reveals McHale Nice

    As did co-star Gillian Jacobs.

    My favorite Sony leak.

    Nicely done, McHale.