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    Posted on Aug 14, 2015

    Guy Annoys His Sister By Lip-Syncing An Entire 7-Hour Road Trip

    That's some serious side eye.

    San Diego resident Brian Anderson was ready with some killer pop tunes for his road trip with his sister. Unfortunately, she wasn't so fond of him lip-syncing the entire seven-hour ride.

    The 911 dispatcher for the San Diego Fire Department filmed a time-lapse of sorts of their trip together, which was shared by the Huffington Post. He said in total he probably sang for about four hours.

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    Anderson's sister side-eyed him through all the pop classics: Spice Girls...

    Blink 182...

    This epic solo during Keyshia Cole's "Love"...

    And modern jams like "Watch Me (Whip/Naé Naé)."

    Her side-eye didn't let up once...

    ...Until she finally cracked a smile and clapped along during the "Friends" theme song (much to Anderson's shock).


    BuzzFeed reached out to Anderson to hear more about the musical journey.