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    A Firefighter Staged A Fire Drill To Propose To His Teacher Girlfriend

    This is one fire that doesn't need to be put out. Badumbump.

    Greentown, Ohio firefighter Justin Deierling wanted to propose in a special way to his girlfriend, school counselor Megan Zahorec. The two met six months earlier when he volunteered at a school walkathon.

    First, Justin and his coworkers suited up.

    When the firetrucks arrive, the students were all waiting outside because of the fire drill.

    Justin does a quick check to make sure he actually remembered the ring.

    He spots Megan, who is up in front with her clipboard directing the fire drill, totally oblivious that her life is about to CHANGE FOREVER.

    After Justin points toward the truck, one of his fellow firemen does the big reveal of his sign asking Megan to marry him.

    That's when he gets down on one knee.

    In front of cheering students and staff, Megan says "Yes!"


    And the kids were totally psyched (probably because they all got Ring Pops).

    Congrats, you two!

    h/t Elite Daily