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    It's Monday So Enjoy This Guy Starting A Spontaneous Dance Party On A Subway Train

    It's a dance train!

    It seemed like a regular morning in Fremantle, Western Australia, when "social artist" Peter Sharp stood up and said he was going to shake it up.

    "Hey, guys, I don't want money," he starts. "I just want to spread a little bit of happiness. So I'm going to do that today by starting a small dance party."

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    Sharp started grooving and his energy was pretty infectious. Plus, he's got some enviable dance moves.

    "I'm doing this because we are all amazing individuals, and we all have a story to tell. We all have something to share," he explains. "So as a way of breaking that ice I'm going to start a small dance party."

    Slowly, people on the train started getting up to join him in the dancefest.

    "After the first few people stood up and started dancing, the other passengers were surprisingly open to the experience and joined in by clapping and or dancing themselves," he told BuzzFeed News.

    There is a chance that some of the people were planted, and Sharp clearly has his own cameraman, but they all seem to enjoy themselves nonetheless.

    Though not everyone was on board with the turn of events.

    But pretty soon most people were on their feet, boogying happily to James Brown.

    "The art inspires us to think about what gift we could give to another commuter on the way to work," he explained. "It doesn't have to be dance, it could be as simple as a poem, a conversation, a fun fact or a joke."

    Perth added, "I was tired of sitting in the boring silence next to beautiful people not giving something of myself, so I decided to lead by example."

    This isn't the first we've seen of the grooving social artist, who has previously done public events like starting an impromptu dance party in Perth's business district and asked for hugs in Barcelona.

    Sharp hitchhiked in a suit from Barcelona, where he started the movement, to Croatia, and says he lives by the motto "Life begins at the end of your comfort zone."

    "I have learned that my actions no matter how small at first can send shockwaves of inspiration through and into the lives of thousands of others and that to me is a great contribution," he wrote on his blog.