A Comedian Imagined What A Dr. Seuss Book Would Look Like If It Starred Ludacris

This wins.

1. Comedian Chelsea Davison was chatting recently with friend and Cosmopolitan sex editor Anna Breslaw when the two realized that Ludacris’ “What’s Your Fantasy” sounded an awful lot like a Dr. Seuss book.

Chelsea Davison

3. The Brooklyn-based comic, who usually sticks to sketch comedy and stand-up, decided to try to bring the idea to life in Photoshop, calling it “What’s Your Fantaseuss.”

Chelsea Davison

5. “It just seemed like a fun challenge to draw in the Seuss style,” she told BuzzFeed.

Chelsea Davison

7. I think it’s safe to say she was pretty successful.

Chelsea Davison

9. Davison, who works as a copywriter by day, also creates art for her silly and self-aware illustrated blog, What I Fucked Up.

Chelsea Davison

11. Unfortunately, Davison said her favorite Luda line, “Red carpet dick could just roll out,” didn’t quite fit in order to make the cut.

“The rhythm of those lines didn’t work as well,” she said. “But Red Carpet Dick sounds like a terrible STD, it’s amazing.”

Chelsea Davison

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