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    15 Easy Tips For Scoring Your Dream Job In Your Twenties

    We're going to get through this together.

    1. Set time for yourself every day to job search (but know it’s OK to take some time off too).

    2. Jazz up your résumé.

    Your résumé is a potential employer's first impression of you — it should reflect how you see yourself! And also reflect the job you're applying for. A short bio at the top can help you make the jump from being a name on a page to a three-dimensional person, especially if you include a couple of fun, memorable facts. Besides that, make sure that the information you include reflects the job you're applying for, and get rid of excess experience that doesn't relate. You want it to be readable and not too cluttered — it should all fit on one page.

    If you're still figuring out what kind of career you want, there's nothing wrong with having a few résumés that each include different applicable experience for multiple jobs that might interest you.

    A quick Google search for résumé templates can help you build a simple yet still sharp-looking one if you're starting from scratch. If you're lucky enough to have a designer friend, ask them if they might make you a snazzy résumé with InDesign in exchange for some homemade cookies. Or you can splurge and employ a company like Loft Resumes, which can create you a super fab one for $99.

    3. Find your cover letter voice.

    4. Make some damn connections.

    5. Always carry business cards.

    6. Take advantage of social media.

    7. Find a job search buddy or mentor.

    8. Get yourself psyched up on the day of the interview.

    9. Keep your cool, and smile. Be a person they want to spend time with.

    10. Follow up.

    11. Follow up...again.

    12. Know what you're worth, and be ready to talk about it.

    13. Stay positive.

    14. Try to practice job karma.

    15. And know that your dream job could change in a year (or might not exist yet!).