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    This Canadian Teen Just Released The Only Summer Jam You Need

    Meet Francesco Yates, the big-haired, big-souled R&B phenom whose first single you'll be listening to all summer. Happy Canada Day!

    Everyone, I'd like you to meet Francesco Yates.

    And now, before you do anything else, listen to his first single, "Call."

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    It's pretty great, right? I see you bopping your head. I see you moving those hips. Hips don't lie.

    And then let's talk about: THAT HAIR.

    (That hair, though.)

    And that STARE.

    And then let's talk about the fact that this voice belongs to a human who's only 18 years of age.

    Who's been writing his own songs since he was 11.

    (Which doesn't stop him from doing some pretty cool covers.)

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    Kendrick's "Swimming Pools" never sounded so smooth.

    Furthermore: He really knows what he's doing on a guitar.

    And a piano.

    Did we mention he's Canadian? And charming?

    Pharrell is pretty sure he's going places.

    J.T. is also a fan.

    So... My GREAT friend @MattMorris wrote a KILLER song for this kid @FrancescoYates and it is the Summer Jam of 2014.

    So is JoJo.

    And you should be too.