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    This Summer's Hottest Fruit Is "Witch Fingers"

    This grape has everything: a super-weird shape, delightful flavor, and a powerful aura of black magic.

    A fancy new hybrid grape is all the rage these days with NYC chefs and awards show caterers alike.

    They were served at this year's Emmy Awards Governor's Ball, daintily perched atop a filet of beef.

    And the best part is the grape's official name: WITCH FINGERS.

    You can probably see why.

    These strange grapes, which are apparently very sweet and juicy, were developed by a specialty vineyard in California called Grapery.

    As Grapery's CEO proudly notes, "They're so big it takes two bites sometimes."

    There's currently a green variety in development, too.

    You can order them from Fresh Direct or buy them at some grocery stores.

    Be sure to serve these at your next coven gathering.