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12 Reasons Thanksgiving Is The Best Day Of The Year

When did it become cool to hate on Thanksgiving? What is wrong with you people? You do know about stuffing, right?

1. The entire point of Thanksgiving is stuffing your face.

And maybe some gratitude stuff too, sure, whatever. But everyone's here for the gluttony. What goal could be more noble, more true, more AMERICAN?

2. There are so many foods on the table that everyone's bound to find something they love.

3. You're allowed to put bacon in every food.

No, really, EVERY food.

4. Same goes for bourbon.

Macey J. Foronda/BuzzFeed / Via

Like in a sweet potato kugel, for instance.

5. It's one of the few days a year that your parents can't complain about you drinking to wild excess.

Because they're doing it too.

6. It's a secular holiday, so everyone can celebrate it with equal enthusiasm.

Macey J. Foronda/BuzzFeed / Via

...especially Jews.

7. There's a huge frickin' bird involved. Look at this thing:

Macey J. Foronda / Via

Is turkey the most delicious poultry on the earth? No. Is it closer to a small dinosaur than a large bird? Sure. Is it kind of a pain to buy, store, and cook. YES. But this bird is my bird. This bird is your bird. It is the BIRD OF AMERICA.

Get the recipe for this Thanksgivukkah-appropriate Manischewitz-brined turkey.

8. But the "side" dishes get all the real glory, as they should.

Macey J. Foronda / Via

Every potato grows up looking forward to this day its whole life.

9. The cooking is actually way easier than you think. No one will care if it isn't fancy.

Macey J. Foronda/BuzzFeed

Hate to say it, but Thanksgiving is all about quantity. Sure, you CAN spend three days slaving over an elaborate feast. But do you have to? Absolutely not.

10. Only on Thanksgiving is eating 17 pieces of pie a reasonable thing to do.

Obviously that's not going to stop true enthusiasts from pie bingeing on other days, but it's nice when no one gives you side-eye.

11. Stuffing exists.

"It's just bread chunks," you say. Oh, but it's SPECIAL bread chunks.

12. Finally, in conclusion: THE LEFTOVERS.

Charles Masters /

This sandwich, you guys.

And if you're somehow still not excited...

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