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29 Things You Can Do Right Now To Get Your Kitchen Organized

A tidy, easy-to-use kitchen = more cooking = more food for you and everyone you love.

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2. Transfer the food in your pantry into clear jars or containers.

You'll be able to see everything clearly (and thus probably be more likely to use it), the ingredients will stay fresh longer, and it will just look way nicer.


15. Keep spices in matching containers so they're easier to stack and organize.

Don't forget labels so you know what's what.

17. Install a pull-out drawer underneath the sink to make cleaning supplies easier to reach.

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This applies to any low-level cabinets you're tired of sticking your head into.See more photos of this San Francisco kitchen here.

18. Use wall space to hang utensils and free up your counters.

Any basic towel rod and S-hooks will work for this.


23. Put food in labeled bins to use your freezer space more efficiently.

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This also means you don't have to go digging around madly to find that single slice of pizza when you come home tipsy and starving.

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