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    The 33 Most Deeply Upsetting Food Surprises

    Sometimes terrible things happen to good food.

    1. When you pour out a bowl full of Cheerio dust.

    2. When you bite into an apple and it's MUSHY.

    3. When you get a crack-less pistachio.


    5. When you look forward to leftovers all day and come home to find them...eaten.

    6. When you pour a full bowl of cereal and realize the milk carton is empty.

    7. When you peel a clementine and find a horribly dry, shriveled interior.

    8. When your taco shell cracks and dumps everything on the first bite.

    9. When you forget to stir natural peanut butter and it gets clumpy and dry at the bottom and you CAN'T GET IT OUT.

    10. When your ice cream falls off the cone.

    11. When the person who sliced your bagel didn't understand the concept of "halves."

    12. When the sugar was actually salt.

    13. And vice versa.

    14. When the milk you just put in your coffee was actually soy milk.

    15. When the chocolate chips are actually raisins.

    16. When the cookies are actually dog treats.

    17. When you accidentally eat paper.

    Sometimes a lot of paper.

    18. When you thought the cookie was going to be chewy, but it's crunchy.

    19. When you cut up a watermelon and it's all mealy.

    20. When pickles creep on your grilled cheese and the corner gets all soggy.

    21. When they label your burrito instead of the wrapper.

    22. When you notice halfway through a recipe that it says "let rest overnight."

    23. When you're eating Milk Duds and your tooth falls out.

    24. When something that's supposed to have shrimp in it has, like, only two shrimp.

    25. When your coffee is full of coffee mud.

    26. When the soy sauce comes out of the bottle too quickly and all of a sudden it's ALL OVER EVERYTHING.

    27. This.

    28. This.

    29. This.

    30. This.

    31. This.

    32. And worst of all...THIS.

    33. Also, when chocolate chips are actually lentils.