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    The Definitive Ranking Of Salad Greens

    In salad, as in life, it makes a difference what you put on the bottom. I think I'm saying that salad greens are like pants. And some pants are ugly.

    17. Spinach

    16. Curly Endive (a.k.a. Frisée a.k.a. Chicory)

    15. Radicchio

    14. Mixed Greens (a.k.a. Mesclun)

    13. Green Cabbage

    12. Green Leaf Lettuce

    11. Red Leaf Lettuce

    10. Curly Kale

    9. Belgian Endive

    8. Iceberg Lettuce

    7. Red Cabbage

    6. Mâche (a.k.a. Lamb's Lettuce)

    5. Romaine Lettuce

    4. Watercress

    3. Butter Lettuce (a.k.a. Boston Lettuce)

    2. Tuscan Kale

    1. Arugula