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Nov 13, 2012

Thanksgiving's Most Helpful Man

New York Times national editor and ad hoc turkey correspondent Sam Sifton has been very busy bossing people around lately re: Thanksgiving. Here, a few of his best lines.

Sam Sifton is on a roll.

And it's all thanks to this book he wrote about Thanksgiving. Practically everyone who has read it loved it (including BuzzFeed Food). In the last few months he's done Bon Appétit's turkey centerfold and a video where he deep-fries a turkey. Forbes interviewed him. Actually he's done approximately 176 different interviews, each more delightfully attitudinal and service-y than the last. Oh, AND he did this awesome video of 6 Essential Thanksgiving Rules for BuzzFeed Food. The man knows his stuffing.

We figured the most helpful thing to do would be to consolidate this vast body of advice into one handy, concise format that makes the most sense: image macros.

(Everything that follows is a direct or gently adapted quote of Mr. Sifton's own words. If the spirit moves you, make your own caption and share them in the comments!)

The video:

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Make your own:

Thanksgiving: How To Cook It Well jacket illustration by Sarah C. Rutherford