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    Posted on Dec 7, 2012

    Teenage Lena Dunham Threw An Amazing Vegan Dinner Party

    In 2003, and The New York Times was ON IT.

    From Dunham's Instagram: "Me circa 2001 with my new hairless kitten Thor."

    There's a lot going on in Lena Dunham's book proposal, but this is the only revelation you should care about: in 2003, a New York Times style section article covered — in glorious detail — a fancy-dress vegan dinner party that Lena Dunham (who was vegan at the time) threw for her high school girlfriends. Here's what the paper of record reports:

    The food sounds great.

    white bean with garlic and rosemary, roasted red pepper, creamy spinach (with vegan sour cream), artichoke sunflower-seed -- baba ghanouj, mushroom pâté tartlettes, biscotti and two cakes.

    Evidence of teen Lena's vegan sympathies from yet another NYT story.

    But the guests were not that into it.

    The girls approached warily. Aside from the hostess and Ms. Aaron, this was clearly a double-bacon-cheeseburger kind of crowd.

    She made everyone take off their shoes.

    As a devout vegan, Ms. Dunham also had other motives: ''I also knew that everyone's shoes would be leather, so I figured if I banned shoes that was kind of making everyone vegan as they walked in the door.'

    Not allowed.

    The soundtrack was dope.

    While Ms. Dunham and Hallie Cooper-Novack danced to the Justin Timberlake CD ''Justified,'' several glasses of forbidden 2 percent milk were sneaked out of the refrigerator.

    But they felt conflicted about it, for some reason.

    ''I would like to go on record that no one else in this room actually owns the Justin Timberlake CD,'' Ms. Rafksy said. ''At St. Ann's we're too cool for popular culture.''

    OK, stop reading this post now and go read the whole Times article, because it's beautiful.