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    36 Tea Towels That Are Way Too Cute To Actually Use

    The only downside to these is that you can't bring yourself to cook or clean with them. But oh, the WHIMSY!

    1. Narwhals Tea Towel

    2. Deer Tea Towel

    3. Retro Fish Tea Towel

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    4. Tea Rex Tea Towel

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    5. Sheep Tea Towel

    6. Sausage Dog Tea Towel

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    7. A Walk In The Forest Tea Towel

    8. Grey Floral Dishtowel

    9. Morels Tea Towel

    10. Poppy Flowers Tea Towel

    11. Forest Tea Towel

    12. Watercolor Flora Tea Towel

    13. Sprouts Tea Towel

    14. Yellow Floral Dishtowel

    15. Spin Wheel Tea Towel

    Knife's Edge Tea Towel!/~/product/category=1020315&id=14094089 / Via

    Get it at Ktaadn.

    16. Sammal Kitchen Towel

    17. Watercolor Tea Towel

    18. Latticework Tea Towel

    19. Dots Linen Tea Towel

    20. (Finnish!) Alphabet Tea Towel

    21. Broken Dishtowel

    22. Doors Tea Towel

    23. Woww Tea Towel

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    24. Knitting Tea Towel

    25. Allo-Allo Tea Towel

    26. Piece Of Cake Tea Towel

    27. Mr. Tea Towel

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    28. Lemons Tea Towel

    29. Service For 8 Towel

    30. Everyone Came To Tea Tea Towel

    31. Brushes Tea Towel||NoFacet-_-NoFacet-_--_-

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    32. Coffee Cups Tea Towel

    33. Cross Section Tea Towel

    34. Doughnut Tea Towel

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    35. Geometry Of Pasta Tea Towel

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    36. Coffee & Cake Tea Towel

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    "But wait!" you say. "I would also like to own some slightly less fancy and adorable kitchen towels that I could actually bear to bring into contact with a dish!"

    Option 1: these cotton Ikea towels ($4 for 4)

    Totally cute and absorbent but also so cheap that when they start to get shmutzy, you can just throw 'em out and start again. Sadly, they're only available in Ikea stores.

    Option 2: these basic flour-sack towels ($25 for 6)

    These are what chefs use in restaurant kitchens, so you know they can take whatever you throw at them and/or mop up with them.

    Get them at Chefs Catalog.