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27 Glorious Food Moments You Need To Experience This Summer

Consider this your bucket list for the next three months.

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1. Squishing a warm, just-toasted marshmallow between the two halves of your s'more.

2. Cutting out the first slice from a juicy cherry pie.

Get the recipe for this Sour Cherry Pie.

Get the recipe for this Sour Cherry Pie.

3. Watching a pat of butter melt onto hot corn on the cob.

4. Popping a just-picked berry into your mouth that's still a little warm from being in the sun.


5. Slicing into a gorgeously ripe tomato.

6. Snacking on crunchy, salty chips with a cold drink. On the beach.

7. Licking a popsicle all the way down to the punchline.

8. Timing the application of cheese to a burger just right, so it's melted when the burger is ready to come off the grill.

9. The thunk your knife makes when you cut into a watermelon.

10. Realizing you got exactly the right number of hot dog buns.


11. Pulling the meat out of a lobster claw in one perfect piece.

12. The first sip after squeezing a slice of lime into a cold beer.

Jon DeJong / Flickr: jondejong / Creative Commons

13. Pouring milk into your iced coffee.

14. Biting into a peach so ripe that the juice dribbles down your chin.


15. Sipping from a fresh margarita with salt on the rim.

Jimmy's straw technique is actually incorrect.

16. Finishing the melty bottom bit of an ice cream in one chomp.

17. Eating a fresh-as-it-gets oyster within view of the ocean.

Jeremy Keith / Flickr: adactio / Creative Commons

18. Stopping to get a cold soda on a long road trip.

19. The magical point midway through a root beer float when the soda has gotten creamy but the ice cream hasn't totally dissolved yet.

20. Hearing the sizzle when you put something on a hot grill.

21. Getting up early so you can snag the single leftover piece of pie and eat it for breakfast.

22. Reaching the top of a mountain after a tough hike and remembering that you brought a backpack full of delicious sandwiches.

23. Licking around the outside of an ice cream sandwich to keep it from dripping.

24. Digging a spoon into a big bowl of creamy potato salad.

25. Eating the boozy fruit left at the bottom of a glass of sangria.

Monika / Flickr: monka / Creative Commons

26. Tearing all the good meat off a barbecued rib in one glorious hunk.

27. Sitting on a porch, swirling a glass of lemonade, and listening to the ice cubes clink.

Or, if you're really classy, this Jasmine tea variation on an Arnold Palmer.
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