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What's The Smartest Way You Save Money When You Cook?

If you've got genius tips for making your groceries go further, we want 'em.

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Cooking, in general, is a pretty great way to save money on food.

Restaurants are fun, but they are very rarely the most efficient way to spend your hard-earned currency.

But even when you swear off Seamless, it can still be hard to stick to a budget. Stuff is expensive, yo!

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So: What's your best saving strat?

Maybe you know exactly which foods will fill you up without breaking the bank.

Sup, chickpeas.

Or you've got ~ways~ of finding great grocery bargains.

And tips for using your freezer to the fullest advantage.

Everyone loves a good freezer meal. /

Everyone loves a good freezer meal.

Tell us your smartest money-saving tip in the comments below!

With a photo, for extra credit. We'll feature the best suggestions in a future post on BuzzFeed.

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