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27 Rainbow Recipes To Make With Pride

Because food, like love, comes in every color.

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13. Rainbow Popsicles

You'll have to freeze the pops for about 30 minutes in between each layer (plus three hours for the whole thing to set up) so make sure you start with enough lead time. Get the recipe.


19. Cold-Pressed Rainbow Juices

From red (strawberry, watermelon, mint) to purple (blueberry, apple, beet, and honeydew). You'll need an actual juicer to make these, unless you want to spend a LOT of time blending and straining. Get the recipes.


22. Rainbow Tie-Dyed Cookies

Making these is a great activity for kids or bored people; you basically add food coloring to a bunch of separate bits of dough, smush them all together, then slice and bake. You end up with a different wacky cross-section on each cookie. Get the recipe.


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