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21 Big-Batch Cocktails To Get Everyone Drunk At Your Holiday Party

December is officially punch month. Cheers!

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7. Easy Does It Punch

I have documentably made this Aperol + grapefruit + bubbly punch for a Christmas party and watched it VANISH into thin air because it is very pretty and very delicious. It's also relatively gentle, so there's not much collateral damage. Get the recipe and instructions for making the ice ring.


8. Cashew Nut Nog

This is sort of like the spicy, sassy love child of horchata and eggnog — and it's a awesome vegan option if you just leave out the beaten egg whites. Definitely DON'T leave out the rum, though. That's important. Get the recipe.


13. Crimson Bulleit Punch

This is an easy mix of bourbon (Bulleit is nice, but any kind is fine), pomegranate juice, Champagne, and ginger liqueur. It's written as a single-serving ratio, so you can scale up to any amount for a jumbo party. Get the recipe.