23 People Who Should Never Be Allowed Near Pizza

It doesn’t have to be this hard, guys.

1. The monster who did this:

2. This person who’s gotten himself into a real pickle:

And needs to find a better way of communicating with his mom.

3. Whoever thought this qualified as a pepperoni pizza:


4. This resourceful delivery guy:

5. The person who ordered these pizzas:

When you see it…

6. This person who’s having a spiritual crisis:

This is the greatest answer imaginable. CONCEPTUAL MEME.

7. The person who did this:

10. This rebel without a cheese:

11. Walter White

12. This guy who refused to give up on his dreams:

13. The person who sliced this pie:

14. This person who thought they’d come up with a brilliant new heating method:

Glass plate on burner isn’t great, but pizza directly on burner is probably even worse.

15. This person who may have miscalculated:

16. Whoever misread “pizza crust” and thought it said “plantain.”

17. This enraged customer:

18. The person who named this business:

19. The person who didn’t realize those little plastic thingies actually serve a purpose:

20. Whoever thought this disrespectful sign was appropriate:

21. The Papa John’s employee who let this happen:

Here’s the full story.

22. This man desperately in need of a pet:

23. This person.

#SeriousQuestion why is Pizza in a Box but it turns out Round

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