21 Summer Pies To Make A Life In

    Sometimes you find a pie so good that eating it isn't enough. So good you just want to live in it. And WHY NOT?

    Have you ever considered how rad it would be to live inside a pie?

    You know, just settle in right there under that craggy pastry overhang. At least for a few months a year.

    You could decorate it any way you want! Red's a nice color, don't you think?

    You could snooze on a whipped cream mattress...

    ...admire yourself in a glazed fruit mirror...

    ...snuggle up in a raspberry nook...

    ...and go for leisurely strolls around the edge of the pan.

    Streusel roofs are especially nice.

    But, naturally, they do require a little more upkeep.

    Lattices are a sturdier option.

    But if that feels too exposed...

    ...consider installing just a skylight.

    For those who want a flashier architectural statement: meringue.

    You could set up a backyard banana slip 'n' slide!

    Even an in-ground blueberry pool, if you don't mind the maintenance.

    The neighbors would probably be pretty delicious.

    But, if you'd rather keep to yourself, put up a fence.

    Ain't nobody's business but yours what goes on in there.

    If you wanna get polyamorous with a bunch of peaches, go right ahead.

    The best part is, pies make an affordable home for everyone.

    Can't afford the mortgage on a whole pie? Just rent yourself a nice little slice.