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44 Frozen Treats You Need To Try In NYC This Summer

So, you've decided to spend the summer in a city that smells like hot garbage! You're going to need some really good ice cream to see you through.

Chris Ritter

1. Zen Butter Ice Cream at Chinatown Ice Cream Factory

2. Banana Nilla Wafer Ice Cream at Cafe Cluny

Kathy YL Chan /

If you like banana pudding, this is the ice cream of your dreams. But it appears only sporadically at the summer ice cream cart in front of Cafe Cluny, so you must be vigilant. (284 W 12th St., Manhattan)

3. Small-Batch Ice Cream at Davey's Ice Cream

Twitter: @daveysicecream

The "special" flavors here are truly special. Past editions include "ultra babka," made with chocolate babka from a local bakery, and "brunch," loaded with chunks of maple-soaked french toast and coffee-glazed bacon. But once a batch is gone, it's gone — so just stop by and see what's on the board. (137 1st Ave., Manhattan)

4. Wine Ice Cream at Williamsburg Creamery

5. Chorizo Caramel Swirl Ice Cream at OddFellows Ice Cream Co.

6. Taro Ice Cream at Sundaes & Cones

7. Any Flavor Ice Cream at Ample Hills Creamery

8. Frozen Gin and Juice at Roberta's

9. Affogato at Corsino

10. Boozy Slushies at Bushwick Country Club

11. Ice Cream Float at Brooklyn Farmacy & Soda Fountain

12. Frozen Vodka Pink Lemonade at Bungalow Bar & Restaurant

13. Australian Iced Coffee at Milk Bar

14. Frozen Piña Colada at Connolly's Bar

15. Vodka Ginger Slush at Pork Slope

16. The Salty Pimp at Big Gay Ice Cream

17. Key Lime Pie Sundae at Culture

CarbZombie J /

Local milk gets cultured (...get it?) on-site to make a super-creamy, tangy, truly yogurt-y frozen yogurt that wants nothing more than to be tucked in beneath a blanket of your favorite toppings (like, say, graham cracker crumbs and key lime sauce). (331 Fifth Ave., Brooklyn and 60 W 8th St., Manhattan)

18. Eclair Cone at Dessert Club, Chikalicious

19. Frozen Yogurt at Yogorino

20. Cereal Milk Soft Serve at Momofuku Milk Bar

21. Twist Cone from Mister Softee

22. Ice Cream Doughnut Sandwich at Peter Pan Donuts

23. Chocolate-Covered Frozen Banana at Motorboat and the Big Banana

24. Paletas from La Newyorkina

25. Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich from Coolhaus

26. Gelato on a Stick at popbar

27. Rice Krispie Ice Cream Bars at Treat House

Of course there's a place in New York that sells strictly Rice Krispie Treat-based foods. And of course the one you should eat is the one filled with ice cream. (452 Amsterdam Ave., Manhattan)

28. Dipped Doughnut Ice Cream Sandwich at Holey Cream

Dina + /

This beast will see Peter Pan's doughnut sandwich and raise it your choice of frosting and topping. Not for the faint of heart. (796 9th Ave., Manhattan)

29. Cake Batter Soft-Serve at The Shop Formerly Known As Lula's Sweet Apothecary

30. Fruit Soft-Serve at Chloe's Soft Serve Fruit Co.

Chloe's just uses fruit, water, and sugar to make its dairy-free soft serve flavors. So yes, it's technically something you could feel OK about eating for breakfast. Also: pretzel cones! 25 East 17th St., Manhattan

31. Butterfinger Shake at Terri

32. Vegan Mango Frozen Yogurt at Brooklyn Swirl

33. Cholado at Las Americas Bakery

wEnDaLicious /

Colombia's contender for the global title of most badass shaved ice dessert is not for the sugar-shy; this baby comes loaded with multiple fruit syrups, chopped fruits, coconut, condensed milk, and a necessary cherry on top. For those up to the challenge, this version is Serious Eats-endorsed as the best in the city. (40-30 82nd Street, Queens)

34. Shaved Ice at People's Pops

35. Creme Ice at Ralph's Italian Ices

36. Patbingsu at Tous Les Jours

37. Helado from Delicioso Coco Helado

The family-run business that puts these carts on the streets is a Bronx institution. For just $1, a paper cup of fruity sorbet that can literally save your life on a scorching-hot day is a pretty good deal. (96th Street at Broadway in Manhattan or 149th Street at Third Avenue in the Bronx, plus more locations throughout the Upper West Side and the Bronx.)

38. Halo Halo at Purple Yam

This fabulous, towering Filipino dessert is busy in the best way. You might not be able to identify everything in it (shaved ice, coconut, tropical fruits, sweet beans, flan, and purple yam ice cream, to start with) but you'll be too busy eating it to care. (1314 Cortelyou Rd., Brooklyn)

39. Lemon Ice at the Lemon Ice King Of Corona

40. Banana Royal Sundae at Eddie's Sweet Shop

41. Mixed Spumoni at L&B Spumoni Gardens

Why would you get just vanilla, chocolate, or pistachio when you could have all three at once? (2725 86th St., Brooklyn)

42. Salted Caramel Sundae at ABC Kitchen

43. Gelato at A.B. Biagi

44. Ice Cream Cake at Parm

Bonus: We scoped out a few of these spots IRL with New York Live: