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    17 Music Video Moments From The '00s That Will Live In Your Brain Forever

    Come back to me, Space Britney!

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    1. When Britney broke her astronaut boyfriend's heart in "Oops, I Did It Again":

    Britney Spears VEVO /

    2. When Jimmy Eat World showed up in the middle of a massive pool party:

    3. When OutKast went all like hey ya:

    Arista / Via

    4. When Shania Twain rocked head-to-toe leopard print in the desert and wasn't very impressed:

    Shania Twain VEVO / Via

    5. When "Toxic" Britney straight-up killed a dude and then WINKED:

    Britney Spears VEVO /

    6. When Kelly honestly stole the show on "Say My Name" with her sick floral jeans:

    Destiny's Child VEVO /

    7. When Shakira made you realize that hips really DON'T lie:

    Shakira VEVO / / Via

    8. When Christina Aguilera was beautiful in every single way:

    CAguilera VEVO / Via

    9. When N'Sync blatantly disregarded the space-time continuum in "Bye Bye Bye":

    N'Sync VEVO /

    10. When Britney's "Baby, One More Time" groove broke down even her teacher's steely resolve:

    Britney Spears VEVO /

    11. When the ladies of Lady Marmalade made teens want to wear lingerie:

    Degrassi Wiki / Via

    12. When 50 Cent said you could find him in da club:

    50 Cent VEVO / Via

    13. When Pink got the party started after a nice, long shower:

    Duh Muzik / Via

    14. When Gwen wasn't no hollaback girl:

    Rebloggy / Via

    15. When Destiny's Child survived a shipwreck and danced in some ruins:

    Destiny's Child VEVO / Via

    16. When Evanescence just like, understood your pain in "Bring Me To Life":

    Evanescence VEVO / Via

    17. When Fountains of Wayne alerted you to the whole concept of MILFs:

    Fountains of Wayne /

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