21 Terrible Yelp Reviews Of The Fanciest Restaurants In America

What are three measly Michelin stars in the face of Bobby G.’s towering rage?

Per Se (New York)

John / Flickr: johnjoh / Creative Commons

1. Some constructive suggestions for the staff:

2. A request for additions to the menu:

Alinea (Chicago)

alBerto Trevino / Flickr: banditob

Edsel Little / Flickr: edsel_


3. A helpful suggestion from Marty:

4. A poignant, but nonetheless sick, burn:

5. A man who may need new friends:

Le Bernardin (New York)

6. A diner who seems to be his own worst enemy:

7. A rant with a beautiful silver lining:

Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare (New York)

8. Two friends who just wanted to worship food their own way:

The French Laundry (Yountville, CA)

Neil Conway / Flickr: neilconway / Creative Commons

9. A creative assessment of flavor profiles:

10. A request for the servers to be LESS friendly:

11. The beginning of a full-scale vendetta:

Daniel (New York)

12. A man with an eye for tailoring:

13. Someone who really just needs to have a heart-to-heart with Lindsay:

Eleven Madison Park (New York)

Julian / Flickr: djjewelz / Creative Commons

14. A seriously miffed dropper of “serious coin”:

15. Someone who’d rather you didn’t try to give them free drinks:

16. A Beckett play in miniature:

17. A woman with budgetary concerns we should all be so lucky to have:

18. A drastic reversal, unexplained:

19. The truly epic saga of one mother’s run-in with a vicious door:

20. A woman who’s lucky in love:

21. Someone who at least made a new friend:

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