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    21 Struggles Anyone Who Cooks Will Understand

    *THINKS about turning on stove* *smoke alarm goes off*

    1. When a recipe uses a weirdly specific term you've never heard of, that you're pretty sure is not a real thing.

    Oh, you want me to gently exfoliate these grapes? TOO BAD.

    2. When you have to slice a bunch of onions.

    Haven't cried this much since the end of Toy Story 3.

    3. When something that's supposed to cook for 30 minutes is still half raw after two hours.

    Excuse me, beans, but I have somewhere to be.

    4. When you're halfway through making a recipe before you realize you're missing the crucial ingredient.

    5. When you accidentally set off the smoke alarm and it WILL. NOT. STOP.

    6. When the ONE spice you need is buried under a mountain of useless junk.

    Just because it's in an infomercial doesn't mean the struggle isn't real.

    7. When people walk into the kitchen and get all up in your grill/sink/fridge while you're clearly in the middle of making something.

    Can you wait, like thirty seconds?

    8. When a recipe described as "easy" turns out to be the most complicated thing you've ever tried to make.

    9. When you try some weird cooking "hack" to save time and it doesn't work. At all.


    10. When you spend hours on a baking project and then realize you forgot to preheat the oven.


    11. When a recipe calls for you to "stir constantly"....for 45 minutes.

    12. When you have to separate eggs.

    Is it hard? No. Is it a pain in the ass? Always.

    13. When you don't have exactly the right pan, decide to improvise, and things go horribly wrong.

    14. When you put something wet in a pan of hot oil and it explodes all over you.

    Stay safe out there, kids.

    15. When a recipe turns out to have 17 separate components that you were apparently supposed to have prepped last week.

    Awesome! Thanks for the heads up!

    16. When you smell burning and realize something has been on fire for...a while now.

    17. When you decide to make cookies on a whim and then realize it would take HOURS for the butter in your fridge to get soft enough.

    18. When you're trying to get a nice golden crust on something and all you get is a piece of food that has literally fused to / become one with your pan.

    19. When pasta is too chewy the first time you check it and then somehow too soft when you check it 30 seconds later.

    20. When you splatter oil all over a shirt that you JUST. WASHED.

    21. When the final product of a recipe looks literally nothing like the photo of it.

    But remember: At the end of the day, you made food! And everyone will love you for it.